Welcome to trade enquiries at Panmer – Industry leading Manufacturers of high quality off-the-shelf and bespoke polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polypropylene (PP) covers, sleeves, packaging and storage solutions for a worldwide market.  

The foundation of our business is built entirely upon the trade sales of our products to companies like yours, throughout the UK and Europe. Many of our customers on-sell our merchandise but many purchase on a commercial scale for in-house operations.

Whatever volume of PP or PVC supplies your company may need, call the trade enquiry team at Panmer today on 0208 903 7733 or fill in the online form below, to see how easy and convenient being a trade customer of Panmer can be.

We specialise in supplying the UK and European market with all types of media storage and packaging solutions such as plastic CD sleeves, plastic CD wallets, cardboard CD cases, paper CD cases, cardboard DVD sleeves etc – along with an extensive stock of items for stationary buyers throughout Europe such as poly pockets, A4 plastic wallets, A4 document wallets, A4 presentation folders along with items such as X-Ray pockets and dental pockets for the medical industry.

Our in-house manufacturing process includes the high frequency welding of 8cm PVC CD & DVD sleeves and heat sealing of PP. The PP and PVC that we use has a constant high stability giving it very good weldability and minimal shrinkage during heat up. All of the PP, PVC, Paper and cardboard products we manufacture are available in a wide variety of thicknesses, dependant upon their specific use.

We can manufacture any size of pockets/wallets/sleeves including specialist 7″ and 12″ record sleeves. Our creative on-site team provide our customers with a complete packaging solution, right from product concept, design and development through to state of the art manufacturing – whatever stage your packaging project is at, Panmer will be able to assist.

We currently supply a number of organisations from a cross section of industries, ranging from the music and computer industries to the stationery and medical industries.

With growing packaging options provided by PVC and PP, the products from Panmer can be applied to the largest cross section of applications and industries. It is here that we are able to provide specialist advice and the development of custom solutions for our clients, please feel free to call us for a no obligation consultation.

At Panmer, we are committed to using quality machinery and tools, we source the very best raw materials available from a portfolio of European suppliers. The machinery we use to manufacture our PP and PVC products is designed specifically for our purpose, they are currently the most advanced computerised in-line machines available. The electrodes used for the welding process of the different products are of the highest craftsmanship to guarantee absolute accuracy during the welding process.

As we always aim to source the best quality machinery, electrodes and raw materials available in Europe, you can be rest assured that our commitment to produce the highest quality product for our customer is a key element of the management philosophy for Panmer.

Our production operators are professionally trained and are diligent in making regular checks on both the machinery and finished products to ensure output is of a uniform quality. Our attention to detail is seen by us as being an essential part of the service we offer, from the time our customer places an order, to the moment when the finished product reaches its final destination. .

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