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Poo Bags Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags Large Unscented Dog Poop Bags


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  • PANMER DOG POO BAGS, UNSCENTED DOG WASTE BAGS – Panmer team has worked on brand new poo bags. We have designed it from scratch, used high quality eco friendly biodegradable material.
  • ECO FRIENDLY BIODEGRADABLE – EXO technology is a bio-renewable resin replacement material that can reduce the amount of petroleum-based polymer needed to make extruded, thermo-formed and injection-moulded plastics. EXO can replace up to 25% of the polymer in high-volume consumer products like carrier bags and up to 45% in items like plastic bottles, caps and closures
  • IDEAL SIZE – 200mm x 250mm + Handles 120mm, Extra wide opening for easy scooping. 15 Micron high quality Eco bag makes sure that there are no leaks or any other accidents while cleaning after you pups.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE – Bags are packed in 100’s, flat packed. Grab a few and you are ready to go! Strong long handles make it easy to carry dogs waste to your next nearest bin, with no smell or any leaks!
  • BETTER TOMORROW – Buying Panmer Biodegradable Poo bags we are all helping the Planet! Let’s be kind to each other and pick up our pups poo!


Panmer -Bio Bags Original – 500 Green Unscented Eco Friendly Dog Waste Bags (flat packed in 100’s bagged separately neatly ) with easy large tie handles. With a 5cm gusset on each side allowing your dog pooh bag to open up extra wide. Bio Bags are 15 micron in thickness giving a quality bag for dog waste collection. Bio Bags large pack of 500 poo bags will ensure you have a constant supply of bags, making it easy to place an order on the last pack in the box so you will never run out. Our Poop Scoop Bags for our four legged friends could not be made any easier. CARING FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT – At Panmer we care about our environment, cleaning up after our pets and correctly disposing of our dog waste bags will help protect our environment and keep our dog walking areas clean and user friendly.


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